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President Sahakyan’s Speech at the “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund’s Gala Dinner Party

Speech of Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan delivered
at the "Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund's Gala Dinner Party

Respected Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly,
Your Grace,
Dear compatriots and attendees,

I am very glad for having another opportunity to discuss with all of you issues of utmost importance for Artsakh's further development.
The Armenian community of Russia is among the most patriotic, established and active parts of our nation. Since the very formation of the Artsakh independent statehood each of you has directly been involved in the process of making the native land prosperous and developed. It is hard to imagine any sphere where your presence would not be evident. As a result, it is also due to this active participation that we have succeeded in realizing numerous programs of strategic significance.
It is enough to mention that the construction of a new hospital in Stepanakert, which is among the most equipped patient care institution in the whole region fully corresponding to the international standards, is very close to completion. Capital reconstruction of the school N3 in the capital of the Artsakh Republic has already ended, the construction of new buildings for schools N1 and N6 as well as a new maternity hospital is in full swing. The school after Khachatur Abovyan and "Maryam Ghukasyan" historical maiden school building were capitally reconstructed. The later is now the central headquarter for the NKR ministry of culture and youth affairs and a number of other institutions.
Artsakh veterans and the disabled are regularly provided with various kind of assistance, including hand-operated cars. Stepanakert retirement home was capitally reconstructed too.
Numerous water pipelines, roads and other vital facilities were and are being built in all quarters of the republic. I want to mention particularly the Vank-Kolatak road, which leads up to Hakobavank, one of the most ancient monasteries in Artsakh. This road is of essential economic significance and will stimulate tourism.
Consistent support is being shown to improving the demographic situation, particularly within the frameworks of providing social benefits to the children of the Grand Karabagh wedding couples.
All this has been carried out with the direct support of our brothers and sisters from Russia. Many of them are now here. We highly appreciate such compassionate and impartial attitude, considering it one of the most important manifestations of the unity of our people.
Dear friends,
Today we gathered to implement another important project which aims to secure a balanced long-term development of the rural areas. A developed countryside is the most important tool connecting our people to the land, which simultaneously solves a number of socioeconomic and political issues, particularly in the fields of agriculture, local production, processing industry, demography and other fields. I think it is obvious that the strong and prosperous village is one of the key components of Artsakh's strength.
Within the frameworks of this project special accent is put to the construction of rural community centers. Each center will have a village administration, first aid station, internet café and a celebrations house. The construction of these centers will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of the peoples' living conditions, revival of rural life, which will have its positive impact on the continuous development of the Artsakh countryside.
Dear Compatriots,
2012 is a jubilee year for our people. The whole nation celebrated the 20th anniversary of the NKR Defense Army formation and the liberation of Shoushi. It is also a jubilee for the "Hayastan" All-Armenian fund, which celebrates its 20th anniversary. The "Hayastan" fund is the institution uniting the world spread Armenians around various projects with a common goal to develop and reinforce the historic homeland, further cement and strengthen the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity.
I want to be confident that this festive atmosphere will give an additional impetus to the successful implementation of this very nationwide event.
I am more than confident that being united and organized, having corresponding will and determination, we are enable us to solve any issue we face.
I call everyone to participate with the same energy and enthusiasm in the "Telethon-2012" and keep supporting the patriotic mission of making Artsakh prosper.

Thank You.

Moscow, November 8, 2012.




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