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Welcoming speech of Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan at the event dedicated to the 95th anniversary of heroic battle in Mоusa Ler and 70th anniversary of Aynchar’s

       Your Holiness,
       Dear compatriots,
       Brothers and sisters,

     I am very much happy of having an opportunity to meet you today and convey greetings and best wishes of Artsakh people.
     I am very glad also to see in this picturesque corner of Lebanon а vivid Armenian soul and spirit, language and culture, faith, as well as habits and traditions coming from time immemorial.
     The Armenian people spread all over the world by destiny. Wherever they settled, our people started from founding schools, building churches, always keeping the native hearth bright. This is the secret of our national longevity and the philosophy every Armenian should bear and pass to his children. The bright evidence of that is beautiful, prospering and flourishing in this distant country Armenian Aynchar that has become your second homeland. Thank you for your patriotism and inflexible will, your selflessness and heroic deeds.
      The heroic lesson and freedom-loving soul of the Mousa Ler people has been inspiring generations calling to new deeds for 95 years.
Many decades from this heroic struggle, which is one of the glorious pages of our history, the Armenian people stood again to defend the Fatherland, the right to live freely on this land and master their fate independently. The Artsakh national liberation movement revived the victorious spirit and self-confidence of the Armenian people. The world became convinced once again that in a fatal hour we could be strong and united, solid and inflexible, unite and combine our efforts to realize national ideals and goals.
      Friends, I have a deep feeling of pride being here with you. At the same time I would like to express gratitude to the people and authorities of Lebanon and to all those who lent a hand to our compatriots in difficult times. Today you are worthy citizens of your country and through selfless and painstaking work contribute to its development and prosperity.
      I heartily congratulate you on the memorable anniversaries and wish robust health, happiness and all the best. The more powerful is our Diaspora, the more powerful is our Motherland, the more powerful is our Motherland, the more reliable and safe will be the future of the Armenian people. You, the off springs of the Musa Ler's heroic people, have your particular role in this process. Be confident, we always remember you in the Motherland, rejoice at your successes and achievements, share with you your troubles and hardships. Only in this way, hand in hand we can strengthen the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity and achieve new victories.

     Glory to the Armenian people!
     Glory to the independent Armenian statehood!


Aynchar, August 21, 2010




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