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President of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC
Arayik V. Haroutyunyan
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Shushientakayan-030111-tert.jpg 030711
Hadrout region. During the harvest of rape.
020910cucahandes.jpg 020910
Exhibition-fair within the framework of the “Karot” International Armenian Festival.
020910Karot.jpg 020910
At a solemn ceremony of opening the “Karot” Third International Armenian Festival.
06052008.jpg 06.05.2008
Consultation with representatives of the executive power and heads of regional administration of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic.
04.09.2008-HHdespaner.jpg 04.09.2008
Meeting with members of the central apparatus of the NKR foreign ministry and heads of diplomatic missions of the Republic of Armenia.
040708hhvarchapet(1).jpg 04.07.2008
Meeting with prime-minister of the Republic of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan.
050808Plastxoghovakner(1).jpg 05.08.2008
The President is getting acquainted with the production of plastic tubing.
070708shrjayc.jpg 07.07.2008
The President is getting acquainted construction activities in the capital.
080808HHnaxarar.jpg 08.08.2008
Meeting with defense minister of the Republic of Armenia Seiran Ohanyan.
110708hhminzdrav.jpg 11.07.2008
Meeting with minister of health protection of the Republic of Armenia Haroutyun Koushkyan.
151008yurivardanyan.jpg 15.10.2008
Bako Sahakyan decorated famous weightlifter, Olympic, repeated world and Europe champion Yuri Vardanyan.
161008svadba.jpg 16.10.2008
The Grand Karabagh wedding ceremony.
171008sossargsian(1).jpg 17.10.2008
With famous Armenian actor, director of “Hamazgain” theater Sos Sarkissyan.
200608akademiki.jpg 20.06.2008
Meeting with the delegation of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences.
210608momentum.jpg 21.06.2008
Meeting with members of the International Center of Human Development.
210808Arcaxfrykt(3).jpg 21.08.2008
President is getting acquainted on-site with processing of agricultural products in the “Artsakh Fruit” company.
-020909.jpg 020909
Solemn ceremony of opening a reconstructed building of Stepanakert military hospital.
110208.jpg 110208
Meeting with Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.
Meeting with top executives of the NKR ministry of defense.
170907.jpg 170907
Meeting with NKR Premier Ara Harutyunyan
180408.jpg 180408
Meeting with Edward Nalbandyan, foreign minister of the Republic of Armenia.
021007.jpg 021007
The first meeting of the newly formed Cabinet of Ministers.
180408-2.jpg 180408-2
Meeting with the delegation of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.
150108.jpg 150108
Meeting with the OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs.
150408.jpg 15.04.08
Consultation with heads of the NKR law enforcement and judicial organs.
220408.jpg 220408
Meeting with the delegation of the ministry of education and science of the Republic of Armenia.
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