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President of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC
Arayik V. Arutyunyan
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The Office of the NKR President

Stepanakert, 20 February St., Building 3

The Office of the NKR President creates conditions for the head of the state to implement fully and effectively duties vested in him by the Constitution and laws of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic (NKR).

The Office ensures in particular the interaction between the President and political parties, public and non-governmental organizations, mass media, international organizations as well as foreign state institutions, officials, political and public figures.

The Office cooperates with the NKR National Assembly, Cabinet of Ministers, judicial institutions, the office of Public Prosecutor, the republican Control Chamber, as well as with the executive branch, territorial administrative organs and other state and local self-government bodies.

The Office carries out periodical studies and analysis in different spheres of economy and state administration, reveals important issues and submits proposals to the President.

The Office collects, analyses, and presents to the President information on the socioeconomic, political and legal processes in the NKR and abroad.

The Office prepares of basic documents on internal and foreign policy.

The Office prepares opinion letters on the NKR Constitution, international treaties and laws of the republic, decrees of the NKR President, orders, decisions of the NKR Cabinet of Ministers on issues and draft proposals on foreign policy, defense and national security.

The Office prepares draft decrees, orders, recommendations, addresses of the President and controls and ensures their implementation.

In an order determined by the President the Office ensures functioning of consultative bodies under the President.

The Office organizes reception of citizens, examines and replies appeals and proposals of citizens, organizations, state and local self-government organs to the President or the Office of the President.

The Office of the NKR President Administration was established in December, 1994.

The first head of Office was Ararat Danielyan (Decmber 27, 1994 - December 24, 2004). From December 24 to February 6, 2006 the post of the head of Office was held by Armen Zalinyan. The third head of the office was Karen Babouryan (February 6, 2006 - September 8, 2007), who combined it with the post of the Secretary of the NKR Security Council.

On September 8, 2007 President Bako Sahakyan upon his decree appointed Marat Mousaelyan head of the Office of the NKR President. From May 7, 2008 to October 29, 2014 Marat Mousaelyan was also holding the post of the NKR Security Council's Secretary.



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