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Holidays and Memorable Days in Nagorno Karabagh Republic

New Year (observed from 31 December to 2 January inclusive), Christmas Eve (3,4,5 January), Christmas and the Epiphany (celebrated on 6 January), non-working public holidays.

All Souls' Day, following Christmas and Epiphany, marked on 7 January, non-working day.

Homeland Defender's Day, celebrated on 28 January, non-working day.

Artsakh Revival Day, celebrated on 20 February

Mother Tongue day, observed on 21 February

Day of Commemoration of the Victims of Massacres organised by Azerbaijan, and Day of Protection of the Rights of Armenian Refugees, marked on 28 February

International Women's Day, observed on 8 March

Motherhood and Beauty Day, celebrated on 7 April, non-working day

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, marked on 24 April, non-working day

Victory Day, Day of the Republic of Artsakh Defense Army and Day of the Liberation of Shoushi, celebrated on 9 May, non-working day

Family Day, observed on 15 May

The First Armenian Republic Day, celebrated on 28 May, non-working day

International Day for Protection of Children, observed on 1 June

Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Repression, marked on 14 June

Day of Perished Soldiers and Missing in Action, marked on 29 June

Day of Knowledge and Education, observed on 1 September

Day of the Artsakh Republic, celebrated on 2 September, non-working day

Teacher's Day, celebrated on 5 October

Holy Translator's Day, celebrated on the second Saturday of October

Commemoration Day of Earthquake Victims, marked on 7 December

Human Rights Day, Day of the Independence Referendum and Constitution Day, observed on 10 December, non-working day


Traditional and Holy days of obligation, international holidays may also be observed in the Artsakh Republic. Other professional holidays and commemorative days may also be observed, subject to the decision of the Artsakh Republic.


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