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Working meetings

President Harutyunyan received Junior European Boxing Champion Erik Arstamyan and his coach Narek Abrahamyan

On October 22, President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan received Eric Arstamyan, who recently won the title of Junior European Boxing Champion in the 52 kg weight category at the championship held in Italy, and his coach Narek Abrahamyan.

The Head of the State highly appreciated the achievement of the young boxer and his coach, highlighting the importance of being recognized as a winner in the Olympic sport. According to President Harutyunyan, such sports successes are not only a source of pride, but also the best manifestation of the belief in one's own abilities and strive for the maximum.

The President of the Republic assured once again that the Government will continue to exert efforts towards the development of various sports in order to contribute to the future victories of our athletes.



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2022-12-28President Harutyunyan received representatives of the political forces represented in the National Assembly
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2022-12-24President Harutyunyan had a large meeting with representatives of the public
2022-12-22A meeting with representatives of political forces represented in the Artsakh Republic National Assembly
2022-12-08The delegation headed by President Harutyunyan met with Mayor of Paris
2022-12-08The delegation led by Arayik Harutyunyan met with President of the Region of Île-de-France Valérie Pécresse
2022-12-07President Harutyunyan gave a press conference, as well as an interview to “France-24” TV channel
2022-12-01The President of the Republic received Artsakh athletes who took part in the 35th KWF European Kyokushin Karate Championship
2022-11-30President Harutyunyan received members of the Chamber of Advocates of Artsakh

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