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President of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC
Arayik V. Arutyunyan
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Working meetings

President Harutyunyan received the teaching staff of the Shushi Technological University

On May 6 Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan received the teaching staff of the Shushi Technological University and a group of representatives of the Student Board.
In his remarks, the Head of the State touched upon the issues the education sphere faces, particularly the need to introduce modern educational standards to the comprehensive and higher education sphere. He added that the programs planned until the war in 2020 will be launched again in the near future. According to Arayik Harutyunyan, the development of the state is primarily based on a smart and educated person, and notwithstanding the hardships caused by the war and disappointments arising from it, we must not give up and strive to provide high quality education to future generations, which will ensure future success and victories.
Other challenges facing the republic and actions of the authorities to overcome them were discussed during the meeting. The President answered the questions of those present, listened to their proposals on the raised issues.







2022-08-15President Harutyunyan received a group of members of the Union of Relatives of Servicemen Perished and Missing in the Third Artsakh War
2022-08-15An extended working consultation dedicated to the socio-economic issues of the communities was held at the President's office
2022-08-10The President of the republic received a group of relatives of servicemen missing in action
2022-07-31President Haruryunyan receives responsible officials of the “100 Houses in Artsakh” project and a group of donors
2022-07-05President Harutyunyan received representatives of the "Union of the Wounded in the Artsakh War" NGO
2022-07-01The President of the Republic partook in the meeting of the Board of Trustees of Shushi Technological University Foundation
2022-06-29The President of the Republic received President of the Armenian Missionary Association of Australia Krikor Youmshajekian
2022-06-29President Harutyunyan received members of the “In support of Artsakh” Initiative
2022-06-18President Harutyunyan received representatives of the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen
2022-06-17President Harutyunyan received the delegation headed by Mayor of Kapan Gevorg Parsyan
2022-06-13Presient Harutyunyan met with a group of public figures and NGO representatives
2022-06-08Meeting with Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia Arthur Davtyan
2022-06-08President Harutyunyan received the AGBU delegation
2022-06-08President Harutyunyan received representatives of the managment staff of a number of RA universities
2022-06-07President Harutyunyan visited the State Revenue Committee and met with the staff
2022-05-22President Harutyunyan received the Ensemble of Folk Instruments after Merangulyan of the Public Radio Company of Armenia
2022-05-20President Harutyunyan received RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Narek Mkrtchyan
2022-05-13President Harutyunyan received members of the Artsakh Football Federation
2022-05-10The republic’s President received officials of a number of construction companies
2022-05-10President Harutyunyan received representatives of the Russian community of Artsakh

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