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Working meetings

The session of the Board of Trustees of Shushi Technological University took place, led by President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan

On August 24 the first session of the newly formed Board of Trustees of Shushi Technological University took place, led by President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan.
The agenda included a number of issues on choosing a new chairman and secretary of the board of trustees of Shushi Technological University, announcing a competition for the position of rector, making changes in the organizational structure as well as issues on building conditions.
By an unanimous vote of the members of the Board of Trustees Professor Hovhannes Tokmajyan, doctor of technical sciences was elected chairman of the Board, and Armavir Galstyan, a university student, was elected secretary. Before the rector's competition, Nver Mikayelyan, candidate of architecture, an associate professor was elected acting rector.
In his speech President Harutyunyan underscored the role of Shushi Technological University in the scientific-educational and technological development of Artsakh and in the restoration of economic potential in the post-war period, emphasizing the importance of launching modern teaching methods and enlivening student life.
Touching upon the program of free higher education, the head of state noted that for almost all bachelor students of the current system of Artsakh universities, in 2020-2021 academic year education was free of charge through government reimbursement of tuition fees. He instructed to finish 2021-2022 academic year development and approval works of the principles of reimbursement of tuition fees.
Speaking about the prospects for the development of the educational sphere, Arayik Harutyunyan stressed that getting an education in the universities of Artsakh in terms of quality should become attractive for our compatriots living in the Republic of Armenia and in the Diaspora. In this context, he instructed those responsible for the field to develop and implement programs to improve the quality of Artsakh universities, as well as to teach professional subjects in Russian and English.
During the session, the President also touched upon the procedure for admission to 3 Russian-leaning school named after Alexander Griboyedov in Stepanakert, emphasizing that, taking into account the role of the Russian language in the life of Artsakh and the number of entrants, it is necessary to make Russian language teaching accessible to all. In this regard, the President instructed Lusine Gharakhanyan, minister of education, science, culture and sports of the Artsakh Republic to develop and launch new approaches, expanding the possibilities of teaching Armenian in schools in parallel with Armenian.


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