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President of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC
Arayik V. Harutyunyan
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Working meetings

New projects are envisaged in Hadrout. President received the head of the regional administration

On 30 June Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan received head of the Hadrout regional administration Kamo Petrosyan, who delivered a comprehensive report on the region's stable pandemic situation, the ongoing harvest activities and socio-economic issues requiring urgent solution.
Various programs of capital construction were discussed during the consultation. At the instruction of the President, an additional sum of 140 million Armenian drams will be allocated to the «Dizakshin» company, 70 million of which will be directed to the paving of intra-community roads, while 40 million drams will be used for renovation activities to be realized in the region. Another 65 million drams will be granted to the regional administration within the framework of state assistance program for providing building materials to various social groups. According to the President, 18 private houses, instead of the planned 12, will be built in the region for families with many children that are on the waiting list. The opportunity of constructing new multi-apartment buildings in the town of Hadrout will be considered.
The Head of the State noted that asphalting activities of the Togh-Toumi road will soon be launched with state funds, as well as the construction of a new school building in the Taghout community will be included in the program.
Artsakh Republic Minister of Territorial Administration and Development Zhirayr Mirzoyan partook in the meeting.


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2020-07-01Arayik Harutyunyan awarded Shoushi Technological University lecturer Artyusha Harutyunyan
2020-06-30New projects are envisaged in Hadrout. President received the head of the regional administration
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