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President of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC
Bako S. Sahakyan
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Working meetings

Solemn awarding ceremony dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the Artsakh Republic proclamation

On 31 August a solemn awarding ceremony dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the NKR proclamation took place at the Artsakh Republic President's residence.
The President handed in high state awards to a group of Defense Army servicemen, freedom-fighters, statesmen and public figures, philanthropists, representatives of economic, healthcare, education and culture spheres.
For the exceptional service rendered to the Artsakh Republic, for bravery and courage shown in the cause of mounting defense, legendary commanders Leonid Azgaldyan and Vladimir Balayan were awarded posthumously with the highest rank of the "Hero of Artsakh".
"For 28 years we have been building a free, sovereign and democratic state together with our sisters and brothers from Mother Armenia and the Diaspora. During these years our people have succeeded in building an efficient army, all the democratic institutes, in ensuring dynamic growth of the economy", the Head of the State noted in his speech.
Bako Sahakyan expressed confidence that our people would further on solve, hand in hand, all the issues we faced, whatever these issues were. "I am confident because I believe in our people's power and impregnability, I know that nothing can lead them astray", the President stressed.
Primate of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan, National Assembly chairman Ashot Ghoulyan, state minister Grigory Martirosyan and other officials were present at the ceremony.




2019-09-19Meeting with Robert Emmiyan and Vahram Tadevosyan
2019-09-18Bako Sahakyan chaired the Government’s meeting
2019-09-17Meeting with representatives of the physical culture and sports sphere
2019-09-17Meeting with the rector of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia
2019-09-16Meeting with representatives of the “My Step Foundation” and “World Vision” organization
2019-09-14Meeting with the delegation of the Yerevan State Medical University
2019-09-13Meeting with a group of participants of “The Past, Present and Future of the Armenian Statehood” international conference
2019-09-11Meeting with a group of the French National Assembly deputies
2019-09-10Meeting with minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia
2019-09-10President received the delegation of the RA Urban Development Committee
2019-09-06Meeting with head of the General Staff of the Republic of Armenia Armed Forces Artak Davtyan
2019-09-06Meeting with secretary of the Republic of Armenia Security Council Armen Grigoryan
2019-09-02Meeting with chairman of the Armenian National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan
2019-09-02Meeting with executive staff of the central apparatus and diplomatic corps of the Republic of Armenia
2019-09-02Meeting with the delegation of the “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund
2019-08-31Meeting with defense minister of the Republic of Armenia David Tonoyan
2019-08-31Solemn awarding ceremony dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the Artsakh Republic proclamation
2019-08-28Meeting with participants of the “Eastern Armenia: History and Culture” conference
2019-08-23Meeting with composer Robert Amirkhanyan
2019-08-22Solemn ceremony of founding the Artsakh affiliate of the Armenian General Gymnastic Union

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