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Tsakouri-Aknaghbyur subregional road of more than 17km long will be asphalted. President Harutyunyan visited the Hadrout region

On 23 July Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan paid a working visit to Ukhtadzor subregion of the Hadrout region.
The Head of the State supervised the land survey activities of more than 17km long section of Tsakouri-Aknaghbyur road of subregional significance encompassing 7 communities.
The President of the republic also got acquainted in the Tsakouri community with the work of drinking water internal network having been put into commission in recent days by charitable means and state assistance. Arayik Harutyunyan also visited the 11th century church of the village which is also being restored by a philanthropist.
During the visit, President Harutyunyan was at Mariamadzor community of the subregion where activities of paving and improving the intra-community roads as well as constructing a new drinking water pipeline within state assistance programs are being carried out.
During the working consultation, convoked in Ukhtadzor with the participation of community heads of the subregion, Arayik Harutyunyan discussed the ongoing programs and existing problems. The President stressed the impermissibility of missing the available opportunities highlighting within this context the fact of leaving fields uncultivated in the conditions of irrigation water availability. He demanded from the community heads to take urgent measures to eliminate the gap.
The Head of the State also got acquainted with reconstructing activities of the Stepanakert-Karmir Shouka highway.
Minister of Urban Development Aram Sargsyan, head of the Hadrout regional administration Kamo Petrosyan and other officials accompanied the President during the visit.




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