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President of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC
Bako S. Sahakyan
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Public rally held in the Stepanakert Revival Square

On 5 August Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan together with Premier of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan took part at the public rally held in the Stepanakert Revival Square and addressed with a speech.
President Sahakyan identified national unity as one of the most important values of our people, considering the Mother Armenia - Artsakh - Diaspora trinity the cornerstone and earnest of all our victories and success.
"Artsakh is strong, our will is invincible and cast-iron. Nothing can lead us astray, nothing can derail us right off our overarching goal, which is building and strengthening a powerful and united homeland. This is a pan-Armenian mission. We feel every single day and every single hour that Mother Armenia and the Diaspora stand mount for us and defend us with might and main. It has always been and is certain to be like that evermore", highlighted the Artsakh Republic President in his speech.




2019-08-11Visit to a range of sections of the Azerbaijani-Karabagh borderline
2019-08-11Meeting with the young volunteers of the 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games
2019-08-08Solemn event in the Stepanakert airport
2019-08-07Solemn opening ceremony of the 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games
2019-08-05President Sahakyan met in the Stepanakert airport Armenian Premier Pashinyan
2019-08-05Public rally held in the Stepanakert Revival Square
2019-08-02Award ceremony of the 8th annual Pan-Armenian Festival of Poetry in Shoushi
2019-08-01Meeting summarizing the results of the Artsakh Republic National Security Service activity in the first half of 2019
2019-07-30President Sahakyan partook at the reporting meeting of the Artsakh Republic Police Board
2019-07-29Solemn events in the Gandzasar Monastic Complex
2019-07-29Concert of the Hamburg German Academic Philharmonic Orchestra in Stepanakert
2019-07-26Meeting in the Stepanakert Culture and Youth Palace
2019-07-24Visit to the Talish village
2019-07-22The final of the international sport dance contest-festival in Stepanakert
2019-07-20Opening of the Gallery of Sculptures and "The Sky of Artsakh" photo exhibition in Shoushi
2019-07-19Enlarged consultation in Tigranakert
2019-07-18Event dedicated to the 85th birthday anniversary of prominent writer and publicist Maxim Hovhannisyan
2019-07-16Visit to the “Karkar” tourism recreation complex
2019-07-11Visit to the construction site of a new residential community in capital Stepanakert
2019-07-10Visit to the central stadium of Stepanakert

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