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Arayik V. Harutyunyan
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Laws, orders

Artsakh Republic President congratulated Prime-Minister of the Republic of Armenia

On 1 June Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan sent a congratulatory letter to Prime-Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan in connection with his birthday.
The letter runs as follows:
"Respected Mr. Pashinyan,
On behalf of the people and authorities of the Artsakh Republic and myself personally I extend my cordial congratulations to you on your birthday anniversary.
I am confident that by uniting the efforts and potential of Mother Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora, in the present-day difficult and rough conditions we will be able to successfully and effectively solve the problems our people face, realize national projects for the benefit of the development and strengthening of our Motherland.
I once again congratulate you wishing all the best and sound health to you and all your relatives, especially in the face of current coronavirus challenges."


2020-07-03The President approved decisions of the Government
2020-07-02The President approved decisions of the Government
2020-07-02Arayik Harutyunyan signed decrees
2020-07-02President Harutyunyan signed a law
2020-07-01President approved the Government decisions
2020-06-29Sergey Grigoryan appointed President's representative at large
2020-06-25Erik Verdiyan appointed deputy Prosecutor-general of the republic
2020-06-24Grigory Gabrielyants appointed state advisor of the Artsakh Republic
2020-06-24President approved the Government's decisions
2020-06-23President Harutyunyan congratulated President of the RA Armen Sargsyan
2020-06-23Sevak Hakobyan released from the post of deputy attorney general
2020-06-21President Harutyunyan signed a number of decrees
2020-06-21Congratulatory address in connection with the Medical Worker’s Day
2020-06-12Arayik Harutyunyan approved the Government’s decisions
2020-06-11President appointed deputy heads of the Artsakh Republic Police
2020-06-11Decree on prolonging the term of emergency situation in the republic
2020-06-10Felix Gabrielyan was appointed chairman of the AR Nature Protection Committee
2020-06-10Prosecutor-General Mher Aghajanyan conferred the rank of third class state counselor of justice
2020-06-09Ruzanna Sargsyan appointed adviser to the President on social issues

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