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Congratulatory address on the Day of Homeland Defender

On 28 January Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent a congratulatory address on the Day of Homeland Defender.
The address runs as follows:
"Dear compatriots,
On behalf of the Artsakh Republic authorities and myself personally I extend my most heartfelt congratulations to you on the Homeland Defender's Day.
I congratulate the whole our people in Artsakh, Armenia and the Diaspora for this is our common holiday.
This is the holiday for our world-spread brothers and sisters who in critical moments for the Motherland hurried from various countries to Artsakh and stood for its defense. Even today they bring their inestimable contribution to the patriotic mission of strengthening and developing Artsakh.
This is the holiday of a countryman living in the frontier zone who through their day-to-day work preserve the native land and protect it, the holiday of teachers who educate worthy defenders of the homeland, doctors who risking their own lives saved thousands in the battlefield.
Eventually, this is the holiday of the Great Patriotic and Artsakh Liberation War veterans, veterans and servicemen of the Police and National Security Service, our Motherland defender soldiers, officers, generals, all those who keep the native country's borders impregnable, with their dedicated service ensure the peaceful and natural activity of their native people.
Honor and glory to all and everyone! May God protect our national defenders, may their arms be invincible, their will - unbreakable!
Many brave Armenians have sacrificed their lives in the struggle for the freedom and independence of the homeland. Their names have been carved with golden letters in the modern history of our people, their memory will remain bright in our hearts. Eternal honor and glory to all our martyrs!
Dear friends,
This special day I once again congratulate you and wish peace, welfare and greatest success to our country and people, happiness and all the best to all Armenian families".




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