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Congratulatory address on the occasion of the New Year and Christmas holidays

On 31 December Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent a congratulatory address on the occasion of the New Year and Christmas holidays.
The address runs:
"Dear compatriots,
Dear friends,
The year of 2019 has come to an end and all of us filled with new hopes, kind wishes and expectations, are preparing to see the coming year in.
Naturally, our people first of all desire peace, want to leave, create, develop and strengthen the native country. Each of us wants to see our relatives and friends happy and healthy.
The pivotal guarantee for bringing all this to life is our victorious Defense Army, whose brave soldiers and commanders are at any second, even at this very moment, standing in emplacements and trenches, ensuring the security and independence of our state and homeland, the inviolability of borders of its frontiers.
On this festive day I would like to first and foremost congratulate our servicemen, from private to general, wishing them good service, sound health and success.
I want to commemorate all those, who have been martyred for the defense of the Motherland, who are not physically present in their families and hearths. May God enlighten the souls of all our martyrs!
Dear friends,
The passing year has overall been successful from the viewpoint of our country's socioeconomic development. The positive dynamics registered during the last years has been maintained in almost all the spheres.
Naturally, there is still much to do. A number of important projects aimed at increasing our people's well-being will be implemented in the coming year in the fields of house construction, agriculture, healthcare, education and science, culture, infrastructure and many other ones.
For Artsakh the year of 2020 will be rich of political processes as well. Events of nationwide importance will take place, particularly the presidential and parliamentary elections, a new president and National Assembly will be elected.
I am more than confident that our people will, as always, demonstrate high civic responsibility and that the elections will be held in fair, transparent environment, in line with democratic principles.
At the same time, the natural and dynamic development of the state, the effective implementation of the outlined programs and solution of the set tasks should be ensured. I am sure, so it will be.
Dear compatriots,
I extend my most cordial congratulations to all of you, our brothers and sisters in Artsakh, Armenia and the Diaspora on the New Year and Christmas holidays.
May the year of 2020 be full of success for our people and homeland! May all our cherished wishes and desires come true! May love and warmth reign in our families!
I wish you robust health, happiness, new success and all the best.
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!"




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