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Laws, orders

Decrees on structure and composition of the government

On 25 September Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan signed a range of decrees.
The Presidential decree established the following composition of the Cabinet of Ministers:

Minister of State
Ministry of Healthcare
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Resettlement
Ministry of Nature Protection and Natural Resources
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Economy and Industrial Infrastructures
Ministry of Education, Science and Sports
Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Urban Planning
Ministry of Finance.

The decrees also defined the following state administrative bodies:
National Security Service
State Service of Emergency Situations.

According to the decree of the President
Arayik Haroutyunyan was appointed minister of state,
Karine Atayan was appointed minister of healthcare,
Ararat Danielyan was appointed minister of justice,
Masis Mayilyan was appointed minister of foreign affairs,
Samvel Avanesyan was appointed minister of labor, social affairs and resettlement,
Vazgen Mikayelyan was appointed minister of nature protection and natural resources,
Zhirayr Mirzoyan was appointed minister of agriculture,
Levon Grigoryan was appointed minister of economy and industrial infrastructures,
Narine Aghabalyan was appointed minister of education, science and sports,
Sergey Shahverdyan was appointed minister of culture, youth affairs and tourism,
Levon Mnatsakanyan was appointed minister of defense,
Karen Shahramanyan was appointed minister of urban planning,
Grigory Martirosyan was appointed minister of finance.

The Presidential decrees defined the ministers whose activity will be coordinated by the minister of state, as well as the scope of authorities entrusted to the minister of state by the President in the field of state property and financial management.

By another decree of the President a number of structural changes have been made. In particular:
The department of tourism has been separated from the ministry of economy and industrial infrastructures and included into the ministry of culture, youth affairs and tourism;
In the structure of the President's Office a separated subdivision "Administration of the Governmental Affairs" has been established, which is the legal successor of the former Administration of the Cabinet of Ministers.
Certain subdivisions of the former Administration of the Cabinet of Ministers have been included within various bodies. The Social-Economic Department, as well as subdivisions functioning in the field of territorial administration have been included in the staff of the minister of state. The departments of real estate cadaster and state property management, geodesy and land state inspection have been included into the structure of the ministry of economy and industrial infrastructures. Department of housing affairs and resettlement as well as migration division have been included into the ministry of labor, social affairs and resettlement.

In correspondence with the new functions, the statutes and structures of the President's Office as well as the "Administration of the Governmental Affairs" separated subdivision of the President's Office have been approved.

By another Presidential decree a new order of organizing governmental activities has been defined.

On the same day the President signed decrees on appointing deputy head of the President's Office Arayik Lazaryan head of the Administration of Governmental Affairs of the President's Office-first deputy head of the President's Office. Deputy minister of justice Karen Danielyan was appointed deputy head of the President's Office-head of the State-Legal Department.



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2023-01-11President Harutyunyan signed decrees and approved the Government’s decision
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2022-12-29President Harutyunyan appointed ministers
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2022-12-21President Harutyunyan appointed Minister of Healthcare
2022-12-16Zhirayr Mirzoyan released from the position of interim Minister of Justice
2022-12-16Arayik Harutyunyan signed a law
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2022-11-25Հ Ա Յ Տ Ա Ր Ա ՐՈՒ Թ Յ ՈՒ Ն
2022-11-23Հ Ա Յ Տ Ա Ր Ա ՐՈՒ Թ Յ ՈՒ Ն
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2022-11-23President Arayik Harutyunyan appealed to the National Assembly Chairman to return the draft amendment to the Constitution of the Artsakh Republic
2022-11-17Kyaram Sloyan and Andranik Zohrabyan posthumously bestowed "Hero of Artsakh" title
2022-11-09President Harutyunyan signed a number of laws
2022-11-04President Arayik Harutyunyan appointed Ruben Vardanyan as a Minister of State

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