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The duties of the Commandant will be exercised by the Artsakh Republic Minister of Territorial Administration and Development

On 27 July Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan convened a consultation dedicated to the change of the Artsakh Republic Commandant and tightening the measures aimed at prevention of the spread of the

 novel coronavirus in the republic.

According to presidential decree, the term of office of Grigory Martirosyan as a Commandant of the Artsakh Republic was suspended and Minister of Territorial Administration and Development Zhirayr Mirzoyan was appointed Commandant of the republic.

The President underlined that the decision to change the Commandant is conditioned by the fact that in the near future the "Free Homeland-CPD" faction of the National Assembly will propose the candidacy of Grigory Martirosyan to the post of the chairman of the Audit Chamber. Arayik Harutyunyan conveyed his appreciation to G. Martirosyan for excellent work carried out towards the fight against the spread of the pandemic. Therewith, the Head of the State noted that the appointment of Zh. Mirzoyan as a Commandant is not coincidental, as he manages a structure that develops and coordinates territorial administration policy and oversees the activities of local self-government bodies. The republic's President expressed confidence that in the result of close cooperation between the state and local self-government bodies it will be possible to overcome the challenges related to the pandemic.

After hearing the relevant reports of the heads of the appropriate bodies, the President instructed to tighten the existing rules for the fight against the novel coronavirus, in particular, to establish strict control over the observance of epidemiological norms in public transport, trade halls, food and consumer service facilities. In the near future, there will be a number of new restrictions on funeral and wedding arrangements.

"Out of 61 people currently receiving actual treatment for coronavirus disease in the country, 42 are from the capital, which is quite a dismaying figure. I must mention that all the representatives of the public and private sectors who do not follow the instructions of the Commandant and do not stick with the safety rules will be held accountable," highlighted the President.

On the instruction of the Head of the State, the medical institutions of the republic will return to their normal working regime, the planned treatments will be resumed, and within this context, the exit of the citizens leaving for the Republic of Armenia for treatment will be limited.



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