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Arayik V. Harutyunyan
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The state will offer new mechanisms of assistance to economic entities. President of the republic convoked a consultation

On 24 July Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan convoked a working consultation on state assistance programs for economic entities.
Relevant reports were delivered by minister of Agriculture Ashot Bakhshiyan, minister of Economy and Industrial Infrastructures Levon Grigoryan, chief adviser to the President Arthur Aghabekyan, director-general of the Artsakh Investment Fund Ernest Grigoryan, executive director of the Fund for Rural and Agricultural Support Hrant Safaryan.
In his speech, Arayik Harutyunyan noted that today the republic faces a range of challenges, the most urgent of which are problems related to export and domestic consumption caused as a result of COVID-19. Within this context, the republic's President stressed that state assistance programs being realized by the Artsakh Investment Fund and the Fund for Rural and Agricultural Support should first and foremost contribute to the activation of the country's economy. For this purpose, new tools based on the principles of efficiency, transparency, targeting and inclusiveness should be elaborated.
The President instructed the heads of responsible structures to study and within the shortest time possible submit long-run and more efficient assistance projects for the most vulnerable business entities and spheres. The Head of the State noted that within the framework of stable economic development, corresponding activities will be carried out in the nearest future with economic entities not taking advantage of state assistance programs.


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2020-06-29The issue of having a new master plan of Stepanakert was on the meeting agenda with the President

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