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President partook at the plenary meeting of the National Assembly dedicated to the approval of the 2020 draft state budget

On 19 December Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan partook at the plenary meeting of the National Assembly dedicated to the approval of the 2020 draft state budget.
In his speech Bako Sahakyan touched upon various aspects of the draft budget.
The Head of the State highlighted that the budget of 2020 was realistic in its nature, would ensure financial stability in the country, promote economic development and increase the level of people's well-being. According to the President it has preserved its social orientation and with the key targets of economic development being the maintenance of high growth rates.
Bako Sahakyan noted that in the coming year a number of projects would be brought to life aimed at raising the incomes of the population, including raising the pensions of the pensioners, the salaries of the school teachers and the minimum wage.
"The spheres of army-building, security and civil defense will remain in the spotlight of the authorities. It is planned to carry out various programs aimed at consistent increase of the army's defense capacity, replenishment of the Armed Forces with modern military equipment, strengthening and modernizing the civil defense system, addressing social problems of the servicemen, veterans and the disabled", the President emphasized in his speech.
President Sahakyan expressed his gratitude to the deputies for active participation in the budget discussions and cooperation, suggested adopt the submitted final version of the draft budget as a law.
As a result of discussions, the National Assembly passed the state budget of the Artsakh Republic for the year of 2020.




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