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President Sahakyan made an annual statement at the sitting of the National Assembly

On 30 April Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan made an annual statement at the sitting of the National Assembly introducing theperformance of the Artsakh Republic President's program in 2019 and from January 2020 till the end of term of office of the acting Artsakh Republic President.
Bako Sahakyan presented the work carried out in various directions and noted that in 2019 large-scale activities had been realized in all the spheres of the republic's life as a result of which positive indicators were registered, and a stable progress was ensured, one of the most important indicators of which being the 10,3% economic growth.
In the final part of the report President Sahakyan touched upon a number of key indicators of the development of the Artsakh Republic during his tenure.
"Now I will move on to some figures and indicators that characterize the results of the 13 years of our joint work, which I do not consider superfluous to speak about from this rostrum.
Quite a lot of work has been carried out, various strategically important projects have been brought to life. Our country has gone through serious difficulties and has overcome them with honor.
As is known, the most significant indicator characterizing the social and economic situation of the country is the gross domestic product. In 2007 it amounted to about 70,8 billion Drams, while in 2019 it exceeded 342 billion Drams.
If in 2007 GDP per capita constituted $1490, last year this index was $4803.
The volume of the state budget for 2007 was 30,8 billion Drams. In 2020, as you know, it amounted to about 121 billion Drams.
Here are some indices registered in different spheres in 2007 and 2019:
- the volume of industrial production has increased from 22 billion to 164,5 billion Drams,
- gross agricultural output has increased from 23,8 billion to almost 70,6 billion Drams,
- the volume of construction has increased from 20,8 billion to 64,6 billion Drams,
- the foreign trade turnover has increased from $277,4 million to more than $656 million.
If in 2007 the energy produced in our country was 90,4 million Kwh, then in 2019 only the amount of energy exported from the Artsakh Republic was almost that much - 85,7 million Kwh, while the total amount of the produced energy was 479,3 million Kwh.
As a result of the realization of state programs aimed at improving the demographic situation, the population of the Artsakh Republic has increased by more than 10 thousand people throughout these years.
Infrastructures of strategic importance have been constructed in our country. The North-South highway has been completed, the Martakert-Vardenis highway has been built, many other roads have been put into operation and repaired.
Capital Stepanakert and dozens of other settlements of the republic have been provided with round-the-clock water supply. It is a fact, that Stepanakert and Shoushi, various villages and towns have been substantially changed for the better.
Extensive work has been carried out in the field of foreign policy to make our country recognizable to the world. Thus, the process of recognition of the Artsakh Republic by the administrative units of different countries started in 2012 is underway today, the development of bilateral relations is actively going on.
Our athletes have achieved tangible results, having won various international competitions almost every year in the recent time period. We also have serious results in the field of culture.
The biggest challenge of all these years was the April war. The Defense Army, our people together with Mother Armenia and the Diaspora neutralized the enemy's criminal plans, defended the independence, security and dignity of our country.
Speaking of all this, I would like to mention that I am far from thinking that we succeeded to solve all the problems within our terms of responsibility. There is still much to do.
The world is dynamically changing, new challenges are emerging. The problems we face are no less important and responsible, and they will require the application of maximum efforts, consolidating the potential of our entire nation. Only together can we overcome the difficulties," highlighted the President.
Bako Sahakyan expressed confidence that the new authorities of the republic, based on the achievements of these years, would continue, in some cases, multiply them and efficiently solve all the problems aimed at dynamic improvement of our country's socioeconomic situation, increasing the people's welfare on a constituent basis, ensuring reliable security of the citizens, and wished everyone peace, robust health, success and fruitful work for the glory of our homeland and people.


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